What Does a Session Look Like?

Are you struggling and need support, but are hesitant because you have never been to counseling? Do you struggle with anxiety and the thought of doing something different prompts your anxiety to spiral out of control? I’m here to support you and this is what you can expect in a session with me.

We’ll start with a check in. I’ll ask how you have been feeling over the last week. If I don’t get a sense of a direction for the session, I will ask you what you need from the session and from me. But if something else comes up during the session, then we can certainly shift. It’s never set in stone and you set the pace.

I will provide a sense of safety. I will make sure you are feeling safe. I will give you techniques to use during our session and outside of session to bring you a sense of safety regardless of what we are working on together. I will provide other coping techniques to use between sessions.

Our therapeutic relationship is collaborative. We work at your pace. Techniques are used that resonate with you. You choose what you share and which direction we head. If you’re unsure, I’ll ask you questions such as, “If I could wave a magic wand, what would life look like?” and “How will you know when counseling is no longer needed?”

If things get heavy during a session, I will make certain you have recovered in order to return to life outside of session. Whether you need a guided meditation, a grounding exercise, or some time for deep breathing, I’m right there with you every step of the way and will make sure you’re in a safe place when the session ends.

As we start to wrap up the session I will do a final check in. The point of this is to make certain it met your needs and was what you were looking for. You will be given the space to let me know if you need something different or a different direction. But most of all, this is the time to recognize the feeling of hopefulness you now have as we plan for the time between sessions and leading up to the next session.

Message me at stacy@stacyfinch.com if you’re ready for the next step and we can set up a quick phone call to see if we’re a good fit!



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