Dear Future Client…

Have you ever felt the frustration of sharing your story with therapists, only to experience minimal healing? Perhaps you’ve immersed yourself in self-help books or distracting activities, desperately seeking solace from the struggles that persist. I understand the journey you’ve been on because I’ve walked a similar path.

Imagine a life filled with understanding of where you’ve been and hope for where you’re going. Picture yourself surrounded by healthy relationships, flourishing in your career, and waking up each day with excitement and gratitude for the life you’ve created. Together, we can work to uncover the roots of unhealthy patterns that may be impacting your relationships, parenting, friendships, or career. Your story is always welcome, but perhaps the key lies in understanding how it shapes your life today.

Stacy Finch. Breaking Unhealthy Patterns

Working with Autism and Neurodiversity

My journey, both personal and professional, has equipped me to work effectively with individuals on the autism spectrum and those embracing neurodiversity. With a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, my specialization in matters related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and ADHD allows me to bring a unique understanding to the challenges faced by individuals and families.

Navigating the unique dynamics these conditions bring to relationships and family life is a journey I’ve walked myself. My experiences enable me to support couples and families affected by ASD and ADHD, fostering healing and understanding.

Trauma Work

My own story involves a traumatic childhood marked by intergenerational trauma normalized by the community I grew up in. Seeking therapy in my mid-twenties, I faced the challenges of parenting a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Determined to break the cycle of familial abuse, I embarked on a journey of re-parenting myself alongside raising my children. Through this process, we grew together, and today, all of my children are successful adults.

Having earned a BSc in Human Services Counselling and a Masters in Counselling Psychology, I’ve blended various modalities, including energy work and spiritual practices, into my personal healing. Depending on your needs, these modalities, and others, can be seamlessly integrated into our sessions.

Stacy Finch. Breaking Unhealthy Patterns

Life Coaching

In addition to my counseling practice, regardless of where you are located in the world, I also offer life coaching services. Just as I specialize in autism, ADHD, and other neurodiversities with counseling, I also coach neurodiverse individuals and parents of children with autism and ADHD. Whether you’re seeking personal development, goal setting, or a more fulfilling life, life coaching can provide the tools and support to guide you toward your aspirations.

Stacy Finch. Breaking Unhealthy Patterns

Corporate Clients

Expanding my services to the corporate realm, I specialize in assisting neurodivergent individuals to thrive in the workplace. From executive coaching to creating inclusive workplace environments, I am dedicated to helping neurodiverse individuals succeed in their professional lives.
Your journey toward personal and professional growth is unique, and I am here to support you every step of the way. For your convenience, all sessions are virtual.