Kind Words

Comfortable and Prompt

If I were to recommend you to someone, I would say, “you have the ability to make me comfortable in a safe space and were very prompt in your advice and feedback. Which when dealing with mental help, time is of the essence when in crisis”

Counseling, Life Coaching…

…counselling, life coaching, psychology with spirituality…

Can Talk about Spirituality

It’s something I can’t talk about with my psychiatrist or previous counsellors, as not everyone is spiritual or combines that with regular talk therapy.

Multiple Resources

You are different than other therapists I’ve worked with because you provided me with multiple resources such as books, websites and articles on how to understand my mental health.

Safe Environment

Providing a safe environment where people can open up about their struggles and offer support and advice.


An advocate for mental health issues.

Discussing Spiritual Books

I like discussing spiritual books, oracle decks and journaling with the moon cycles with Stacy.

A Great Therapist

A great therapist who cares about her clients, listens and offers the support you need.

Counseling and Spirituality

Counselling but a space to talk about spirituality, that I wouldn’t regularly talk about with my psychiatrist.

Warm Environment

You stood out from others as you provided a warm environment free of judgment and I felt comfortable opening up to you right away, something that hasn’t been the case in the past.