black Pen on Spiral Notebook

If It’s Not Broken….

With ADHD, sometimes we get distracted. My bestie likes to call it shiny/pretty syndrome. I struggle with this every so often, often during back to school time, when it comes to my “notebook.” For many years, probably 15-20, I have found it helpful to keep a spiral notebook with me at all times. It’s not pretty. It’s not organized. But it collects all my thoughts which helps with the clutter in my head. It acts as a working to-do list and it is perfect for me. When bullet journals became popular several years ago I spent way too many hours looking at them online. I never did get them to work for me and went back to my notebook. I was recently in Staples needing a new one and got caught up in all of the planners and notebooks available for back to school shopping. I’m learning. Finally, at least at the moment, to stick with what works…my simple spiral notebook.



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