ADHD: Turning a Negative into a Positive

Having ADHD can be difficult. Whether you believe our brains work differently, we function differently, or we just have a different experience than others, it is certainly easy to find difficulty with the diagnosis. Everyone’s perspective is different and so many factors go into a person’s level of symptoms and the symptoms they experience. In no way do I want to invalidate anyone’s experience with ADHD, but for me I try to find the hilariousness in it with everyday experiences.

My daughter is home from university for the summer and in the past year I have moved out of a house and am living a bit of a nomadic life while I help care for my dad, visit my daughter who attends university in the UK, and maintain status in Canada. Needless to say, I’m in a constant state of not being sure where things are. I have misplaced things, something not unusual for those of us with ADHD.

Earlier today my daughter asked me if I was missing my “red phone,” a previously used cell phone with a red cover that I need to call the cell company to have unlocked. I told her I wasn’t sure where it was, which was annoying because everytime I look at my to-do list and want to call the cell phone company I remember I don’t know where it is. She calmly walked over to the china cabinet, opened a drawer, and pulled out a small tray with the “red phone,” along with other miscellaneous items.

There were numerous things with the “red phone.” Other older cell phones, my favourite type of post-it notes, a pen I like, much needed instructions on replacing the cartridges for the soda stream, and a small piece of paper that looks like instructions and measurements for sewing a skirt.

It’s definitely easy when we misplace things to get upset, especially if it’s something urgent. But in less stressful situations, I find it works better for me to look at it from a different perspective. In this case, I took a break from what I was doing and went through the tray, enjoying each new “found” item. My daughter took note and commented that it must be fun to come across new treasures after forgetting about them. And that was exactly my experience with finding my “red phone.”



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